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A few years ago, while browsing the pandamovie shops was on holiday in Spain with my wife and small children, I go into an appliance store, looking for a radio. I wanted to be in windows to go off the clothes. She took the kids and decided to meet on the street in a cafe -bar, when we were doing. I went to look at the store. Before long, companies have had to nap time in the vicinity and I was the only customer in the pandamovie store. The store owner ran the business alone. He was pandamovie a man from India, about 35, more or less height and medium build. He came to see if she needed help and error ( I thought), his hand touched my cock, I was firmly in my shorts. Although it is a shock that I had to jump back and not respond at all. I was in a very relaxed mood. He pandamovie stood beside me in the chat, and pointed to several items on a higher shelf with his right hand, turn his body and his left hand more freely brushed once against my penis a little louder this time. Again, did not flinch, but my mind started racing. Was it really an accident or is being done on purpose? never had any experience with men, or have thoughts or desires in this direction. However, I found my heart racing and my cock stiff. The man looked at me and continued to chat informally. He also pointed out an object in a longer life, this time a slight rotation in the opposite direction, but again his hands brushing against my cock very slowly and in this weather. There was no error. This was not an accident. He gave nothing in his eyes and sat chatting as if nothing had happened. My cock was rapidly hardening little today and my pants were bulging. That was crazy, I did not know what was happening, I never wanted any sexual encounter with a man. But my pulse was racing, pounding my cock hard and I knew I wanted to clean their hands on me again. all this time, the store was openand everyone could come at any time - even my wife. Even in the chat, he reached back as if to get something off the shelf. He stood on tiptoe, while the fingers of the balls rubbed the length of my cock hard from time to time, when he broke a toe, slid his hand down and gently pandamovie placed my balls. No doubt it now ! I did not speak to pandamovie me and is not ready to move. With the other hand, opened the button and zipper of my pants and slid his hand under my cock into her and pulled the foreskin back firmly. He looked for the first time I am amazed to see my cock in your hand like that. He said: 'what a beautiful cock,' and began to masturbate slowly and carefully. Technique was drummed his fingers on my shaft as he slowly masturbated me. The feeling was incredible. I had never felt anything like that. At the same time, the door of the store was still open and no one could have caught, but I was unable pandamovie to move, would not stop this, not caring can feel the pull and the drumming of his fingers made ​​my dick looks huge. I have no big cock, but I had never known so great and purple in my life. I wanted this feeling to last forever, but I was ready to explode at any moment. I tried to relax, make it last longer, but I began to pant and within seconds, I shot a huge load of cum shot should be 15 ' in the workshop. 2 or 3 more jets and pressure is released, I found a good result, as you never felt before. pandamovie He continued to masturbate me gently for a short time, until my cock relaxed and dry. He gave me some tissues to clean. I wiped my cock and quickly fixed my shorts, suddenly nervous, in case someone comes, in. He asked me to come back to 6'o'clock. He said he had seen. I hurried out into the street to the bar and wait for my family cross, red and very nervous, as if everyone could see my secret. ' Do you have a radio?'asked my wife. 'No, but there pandamovie were some great things in it. ' I said. I never walk again, but I've been dreaming of pandamovie this meeting with the Indian shopkeeper often and enjoyed by many living chaff me. But I've never been able to replicate the incredible sensation of drums. I have a lot of women since then, but none has been for me after intoxication and ecstasy, which could have made ​​the sunny day shopping in Spain.
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